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Rimrock Pools is a full service swimming pool and Caldera spa sales and service company located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  We are a locally owned business committed to providing customers with quality products and excellent service.  

Do you need some inspiration and ideas about pool shapes? How about finding the perfect Caldera Spa? We have a guide to help find the ideal shape for your new pool and a brochure of the Caldera series for you to choose the perfect relaxation.

Call us today to find out how we can create the swimming pool or spa of your dreams, or update your tired and worn out pool or spa!


Products & Services

The best pool builder & supplier on the western slope and the ONLY local Latham GRAND DEALER


Vinyl liner Pools

Vinyl liner swimming pools are popular across the valley, boasting gorgeous yet practical features suited to our climate and your lifestyle.


Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are one of the most rewarding and customizable ways to transform your backyard into the ultimate sanctuary.


Saltwater Pools

Advantages to saltwater pools are crystal clear water, no granule shocking, no red eyes, no green hair, no itchy skin, and no chlorine smell or taste. Contact us today to find out if a saltwater pool is right for you and your family.


Pool Covers

No matter what type of pool you have, we recommend a pool cover because of the many benefits they provide. We can help you find a cover to fit your budget and taste.


Replacement Pool liners

With the average life of a vinyl liner of 10-12 years, when it’s time to replace your existing liner, we can help you with the most up to date styles, patterns and colors to make your pool look brand new again.


Pool Equipment

Just like any other mechanical item, pool equipment has an average life span. Rimrock Pools can supply you with new or replacement pool equipment. We are also an authorized warranty dealer for Pentair.

Rimrock Pools Storefront NOW OPEN!

Stop by our store and let us help you with water testing, new chemicals, replacement filters, pump covers. We’ve also got nets, vacuums, poles. Not to mention fun pool floaties, childrens lifejackets, specialty fizzies for your spa, furniture, this list could go on and on. Basically, if you have outdoor fun needs and wants, we probably have it. Come visit us at 2586 Hwy 6 & 50 (the old Affordable Trailer Building just east of Kissner Motors).

we are the only local Latham GRAND DEALER

What does this mean for our clients?

  • More pools to choose from
  • Newest fiberglass shapes a year before any other pool builders
  • Newest colors one year before any other pool builders

Proudly Serving Western Colorado!